Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Chicken

Everyone is skewered, but not the chicken.
A few years ago, a very funny novelist who uses the pseudonym Sijin Belle spent quality time in Pittsburgh writing her debut novel about the poultry industry (obviously not set in Pittsburgh). I can say without fear of contradiction that "Big Chicken" (Selwa Press) is funnier than Dave Barry's latest novel, but the fact it is on a small press means it will likely be overlooked -- a pity since Ms. Belle knows her way around Southern grotesqueries and corporate intrigue.  Tony Norman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If you hate factory farming but can't resist chicken wings, if you deplore corporate avarice,
but have to work for a living, and if you have an abiding love-hate relationship with the Deep South - you will definitely savor "Big Chicken".
"Another lurid addition to the annals of wacko crime and zany murder fiction, to be avoided at all costs by the serious reader." 
          Jonathan Fanzeni
"More fun than playing Beer Pong with Billy Carter."
          Preston Beekus
"Loathe Mississippi? Well, #&*% you and the Big Chicken you rode in on!"
          Rep. Clyde Munger IV (Ret.), Halflitre, Mississippi