Suggested E-Reads

Surf stories that tell us more about
why we live as surfers than how we do it.
     Kimball Taylor's wonderful collection of short stories relate his adventures and misadventures in the pursuit of the perfect wave. An odyssey that will bring fond memories to the surfers and intense jealousy to the rest of us armchair adventurers.

This WWII thriller will keep you frantically
turning pages well past your bedtime.
    The Breaker family on the isolated Western Australia coast discovers a fortune in Nazi gold ingots hidden inside a jettisoned Japanese torpedo, but their good fortune soon turns into a desperate struggle for survival.  

A novel of mystery and love as well as a
coming-of-age story, Effie Perine crosses
 the genres of fantasy, mystery, and metafiction.

     With nimble prose and a luxuriant imagination Buzzy Jackson brings Sam Spade's secretary out of the shadows and into the limelight so vividly that you'll never be able to take your eyes off Effie when watching The Maltese Falcon again.   
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