Non-Fiction Titles

Underground in Arabia is an eye-opening account
 of the marvelous caverns and extensive lava tube
 discovered by John Pint in his twenty five years of
subterranean exploration in the deserts of Arabia.

The Arab War is a fascinating, vivid portrait of
the people, social traditions and complex politics 
of pre-World War One Mesopotamia and Arabia.

Ibn Saud: King by Conquest is a masterful  account
of the rise of a penniless prince who through courage, 
diplomacy and sheer will built a vast kingdom that
endures to this day.


Out in the Blue: Letters from Arabia 1937-1940
Tom Barger's adventures exploring the deserts
of early Arabia - before there was oil.


An Account of the Ikhwan Revolt as related by  
Col. H.R.P. Dickson to Tom Barger. The outcome
was all but inevitable, however the reader can't
help but to speculate about the course of events
had the Ikhwan prevailed.

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