Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dhahran Fables: Fiesta Room Tales

Teenage life in 1950s Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as
told by three who lived it and will never forget.
This book of stories tells how really slow it was to be a teenager in Dhahran in the early 50s when there wasn't radio or TV or even any grass or trees in the camp. Still the kids managed as kids do with house parties and trips to the beach and fooling around in the desert. It was an era when the boys greased their hair back into a DA, rolled up the sleeves of their t-shirts or folded up their shirt collars and the girls still wore crinolines, poodle sweaters, wide belts and jaunty scarves around their necks and they all did their best to avoid adult scrutiny at all costs. Sounds familiar? The more things change the more they are the same and we will all recognize ourselves within these tales of the distant past.